Ever feel like you don’t have enough money? I think we all do, or at least have been. Maybe you want to save money for an emergency fund, maybe you want to pay off some of your debt, or maybe you want to go on a dream vacation. No matter what, there is always something you can do with a little extra money. But how do you earn it?

With the invention of the Internet, there are more and more ways to make extra money. You don’t have to go out and beat the streets to find an evening or weekend job. You don’t even have to be on a set schedule. How? Well, you provide your skills as freelance work.

You might be thinking, well my skills don’t warrant freelance work, but maybe you just haven’t realized that they do. Here is a list of freelance services you can offer as a side hustle:


Do you like taking photos? Maybe a photography side hustle is the job for you. There are many sites you can upload your photos as stock art to sell to designers, companies, and anyone that needs a photo. You can also find clients and photograph events, like birthday parties, anniversary parties,  weddings, baby showers, wedding showers, etc.


There are many different areas of design that can be utilized for freelance services. Companies and individuals need design services, and often it is cheaper to have the work freelanced out than it is to hire a full-time designer. Here is a glance of design work you can offer:

• Web design – Everyone needs a website or a portfolio these days. If web design is your skill, consider selling templates for web pages, portfolio templates, and even blog templates. If you don’t want to provide only templates, consider finding clients to build for.

• Print design – You can make everything flyers to business cards to resume designs. Some people thing print designers aren’t needed anymore, but print designers are still very vital. Everything you get in the mail, every postcard you get, every flier you see has been designed by someone. So, if you love to get creative, this may be the hustle for you.

• Illustrator – Are you good at art? Illustration may be your style. Sell your illustrations as print pieces or as digital pieces. Let people commission your services. People are always looking for custom tattoo designs, so there is a market for that also.

• Photo editor – I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me to edit their photos. Even though cameras have advanced as much as they have, our photos still need work. Sometimes photos are too dark or slightly blurry. A lot of people do not know how to edit their own photos, and Instagram filters will only do so much. Offer your editing services to friends and family, and ask them to recommend you to others. Suddenly you may have a business.

• Logo and Brand design – Companies always need logos and branding material. Companies need materials like letterhead, business cards, presentations, and other important materials.

Data Entry

You don’t need a lot of skills to enter the data entry field. You just need basic typing and transcription skills. There are a lot of work from home companies that will let you work when you want to. These jobs can include transcription, typing, data input, word processing, and coders.

Writing & Editing

If you have advanced writing and grammar skills, you can take freelance writing and editing jobs. You may be hired to write for social media, for blogs, letters, ebooks, presentations, even speeches. It could also be that the person or company has already written important documents and they want you to edit them. You could also read and edit novels for independent writers.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you know the latest techniques for search engine optimization? Everyone wants to optimize their websites, so they will rank higher in the search results and increased traffic. SEO specialists help drive traffic and build growth, so this freelance opportunity could lead to high hourly rates. This work is constantly changing, so you will have to stay up-to-date on the latest changes and techniques.


Whether it’s web development or app development, this field is in high demand. Often these jobs require a lot of work, so if you feel like this is the field for you make sure you can dedicate adequate time to getting the projects done. These type of jobs require programming and coding experience. Developers can create websites and apps. You also may be needed to develop software. There are many options; you just have to have the required knowledge and experience.

Internet Research

Do you have skills other than searching Wikipedia? Do you like to dive deep into Google? Well, Internet research may be for you. This doesn’t take a lot of previous skills; you just need a lot of patience and decent grammar. You also need a decent internet connection.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Small businesses often don’t have in-house accountants, so they seek freelance accountants. So if you are number and math savvy, are a licensed accountant, and want to make some money from home, you could manage the books for some local businesses.


There will always be students that need more help and instruction outside of the classroom. Granted this may require a little more than a stay-at-home gig, but you have options. Some students would be fine with a virtual tour and others will want hands-on instruction. Either way, there is always work available.

Your turn

This list is just a peek into the freelancing world; there are tons of opportunities out there. What freelance opportunities have you tried?


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